Friday 5

One) Today the iPhone 6 came out and it’s the first time in 3 generations that my friends and I didn’t either stand in line or have hookups to upgrade our phone from the previous generation. I think it stems from a couple of reasons: a) there are two sizes of iPhones to choose from and how can you commit to one without knowing how each feels in your hand b) the price - I remember we used to pay $150 to upgrade and now it seems we’d be paying a minimum of $500 (including the early upgrade fee) c) we aren’t as glued to the whole fanboy idea as we once were, I mean yeah Apple products are still great pieces of technology but they’re not ‘Steve Jobs’ cool anymore  d) I’m in purgatory. I’m in the US with an ongoing Canadian contract and it’s like what the fuck do I do, cancel my Canadian contract for $300 then commit to another 2 year contract to ridiculously expensive plans here in the US and pay another $300 (minimum) for a phone. These fucking first world problems are ridiculous.

Two) When I initially joined Tumblr I went on a “follow everyone and their moms” phase so I have a shit load of junk on my dashboard which I spend maybe 5-10 minutes a day clearing and unfollowing. The reason why I bring this up is I want the people who I actually enjoy following to know that because of this reason I more often times than not get to see your posts because their being swallowed whole by Supernatural fandom, porn gifs, more Supernatural fandom, Ferguson and other racial issues posts, and pictures of your mom Tom Hiddleston. Don’t worry though, I plan on organizing my follows and getting to see all your posts (i.e. your nudes) before you delete them.

Three) I’ve been watching the show Hannibal and it’s taken me by surprise. Normally, given that I am a TV show enthusiast and have seen too many shows for my own sanity, I like to stay away from network shows (i.e. FOX, NBC, ABC) in favour of cable shows (i.e. AMC, HBO, FX). The reason is simple, network shows never focus on character and narrative development. Also given that I’ve worked on network shows before, they’re just come across as fake. However I gave Hannibal a chance given that so many people had spoken so deliciously about it. Finishing season 1, I have been extremely impressed both by the show’s narrative structure and by its technical. The show has an incredibly well knit storyline and the gore/violence is surprising for a family network. Also Mads Mikkelsen does an excellent job playing his version of Hannibal which, as I found out a few episodes in, should not be compared to Anthony Hopkins’ depiction as they each do their own thing. Lastly, the show creator, Bryan Fuller, is a big Stanley Kubrick fan and I get wet everytime I see an homage to him in random scenes.

Four) Do you guys love me? Cause I love you and I think you need to check out this amazingly melodic deep house UK group by the name of Gorgon City. Their album is dropping on Oct. 6th (with an even sexier Medusa album cover) and going on tour in the US. Here’s a link to a couple of their tracks:


That one time I was a paramedic (from elbows down) helping my friend shoot his short.




i’m a film student

well that was unexpected

what are frogs?





#this is it this is american television

that all happened in under 2 minutes

this is honestly a spiritual experience